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Why we & vegan wines are different? an easy way to ensure your wines were not fined or filtered using animal materials


Stay true to vegan values

Who knew wines could be produced using cow's intestines, fish bones (isinglass) & more? Shop with us for vegan friendly wines


Drink organic wines

Our wines are made of grapes grown by organic principles. This ensures you are not drinking pesticides or herbicides with your wine


Wines as nature intended

Mostly unfiltered and unclarified vegan wines are pure expression of land, climate and winemaker's passion


Delicious & Convenient Vegan Wine Cases

Choose one of our cases of vegan wine. We employ certified wine experts to handpick all our wines


Save 10% by shopping online. Refer your friends to us!

Buy our vegan wines online: we do not pay for expensive showrooms, so can offer savings of up to 10%


Have we mentioned how delicious our wines are?

We do not buy our wines so they just vegan. We want to enjoy best tasting wines that are ethically made.

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Vegan & Allergen-free Wine Club case of 6 organic wines (mixed) - Organic Wine Club
Mixed Vegan Wine Case of 6 Different Organic Wines
Vegan & Allergen-free wine club case - 6 white organic wines - Organic Wine Club
Vegan White Wine Case of 6 vegan friendly wines
Vegan, allergen-free wine club case of 6 organic wines - Organic Wine Club
Vegan Wine Case of 6 Various Allergen-Free Organic Wines
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This Cauliflower vegan pizza recipe is amazingly simple, you will need 45 minutes to an hour for the while thing (depending how quick you are in the kitchen!)

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Vegan recipes: veggie burger feast

Today is the day we celebrate Valentine’s and I just thought it could not be any better to show my love for my dog but to cook something completely meet free. After all veggie meals, vegan dishes, vegetarian cooking, well you name it, is how we say not to a kill. It doesn't mean I cannot make it as a delicious feat of 3 different veggie burgers!

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Vegetarian lasagna | Vegan lasagna: a recipe for success

We at Vegan Wine Club are not just about tiny details about unfiltered wines or vegan wine that is just so ethical for you. Vegan wine goes so well with a variety of vegan recipes. Just so we start with something super delicious and also popular, we would like to share our absolutely stunning recipe for vegan lasagna (vegetarian lasagna too).

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Vegan Wine Club: What is it all about? Why is wine not vegan?

Welcome to our specialist wine store that sells exclusively vegan wine cases.

Our customers sometimes wonder why is wine not vegan…
True fact, wine is made of grapes and mostly nothing else. Yet the issue is with its production process.

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