Vegan recipes: veggie burger feast

Today is the day we celebrate Valentine’s and I just thought it could not be any better to show my love for my dog but to cook something completely meet free. After all veggie meals, vegan dishes, vegetarian cooking, well you name it, is how we say not to a kill. It doesn't mean I cannot make it as a delicious feat of 3 different veggie burgers!

Vegan burger recipe

I am going to cook three different veggie burgers:
1 - a spicy one (harissa aubergine burger)
2 - a fragrant one (chermoula aubergine one)
3 - a creamy one (caramelised onion, grilled mushroom and salted cashew sauce)

To make it really fun you can cook these bits and pieces and then let your guests to assemble it to everyone’s taste.

We will use the following ingredients:

  • fried aubergine slices
  • caramelised onions
  • sautéed sweet romano peppers
  • grilled portobello mushrooms
  • sliced tomatoes
  • houmous


We will use these condiments:

  • harissa (we won’t do it from scratch it it requires blending quite a few fragrant ingredients with chilli, tomatoes and peppers)
  • chermoula (again, for simplicity, we bought an organic chermoula, which is a blend of coriander, preserved lemons and vegetable oil wth spices)


Top tip! For cheesier burgers, only vegan of course, put a teaspoon of our Salted Cashew Sauce that we’ve used for vegan lasagna.

Buy some buns (both gluten are but you can go with anything):

  • brioche style bun
  • brown gluten free one

Cooking method for these vegan burgers:

  1. Fry aubergine slices
  2. Cut onions and peppers into rings and fry them; caramelise by adding 1/2 tsp coconut sugar (not refined) and some water - it will give them that sweetish tang (do not worry, we are here to create a contrast between fragrant and sweet, spicy and sweet) .
  3. Grill slices of portobello mushrooms
  4. Slice tomatoes
  5. As everything is pretty much ready, you can warm up your buns (halved)
  6. Assemble by smearing a teaspoon of houmous on each bun, putting as much of ingredients as you want and making one burger spicy with harissa, second very fragrant with chermoula and third rich and cheesy with our prepped salted cashew sauce. Enjoy!

Vegan burger - tomato aubergine chermoula
Can this vegan burger prep be any easier?!

Let us know how you get on and good luck with trying our amazing vegan wines - they match so well with the spicy and fragrant vegan burgers!

As an example, you can try this mixed case to match with a wide range of veggie burgers:

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Veggie Pizza Recipe: cauliflower base & aubergine tofu topping

All these take away pizzas are so for meat lovers only. Veggie versions are not inspiring and in addition to that they are made out of quite a bad quality dough. Whilst there are some pizza chains that use a proper sourdough for their pizza bases, I just needed something that will work for me to cook at home.

This Cauliflower vegan pizza recipe is amazingly simple, you will need 45 minutes to an hour for the while thing (depending how quick you are in the kitchen!)

Cauliflower pizza base will definitely not be your normal one, it will not be that elastic and you will need to eat your pizza with cutlery rather than just grabbing a slice. Yet there are definite advantages: there is no gluten in this pizza at all, everything is done using vegetarian ingredients (yes, even parmesan style cheese is vegetarian).

Let's start with the pizza base.

You will need:

  • 1 large cauliflower
  • 80-100 g grated Parmesan style vegetarian cheese
  • chili flakes
  • seasoning
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • a table spoon of chopped basil
  • 2 small eggs.

Get your food processor out and grate cauliflower florets so it resembles rice. Quickly transfer it to a clean surface or a baking tray and using kitchen towels quickly squeeze out any excess water. You won't be able to do that entirely, but just so your base is not overly watery. Add seasoning (you can also use onion and garlic powder for more kick, I have decided to use fresh minced garlic and chili flakes), add grated parmesan style cheese and whisked eggs. Add your basil (you can also use it in tomato sauce so it doesn't matter much), opt for a fresh one but you can also buy a packet of frozen chopped basil  - I love this taste so much so I always have some if fresh one is too expensive or not available.

Now use your baking tray or pizza tray and line it with baking parchment, transfer your cauliflower dough to it and using another piece of baking parchment on top of it simply flatten your mixture to a 5 mm thick base. I hope you have pre-heated your oven to 220C by now, so just put your base to bake for 25-30 minutes on a lower or middle shelf. Check it out when you are approaching the end of baking time just to ensure it is rather crispy, not watery but also not too black-ish.

I have got mine like this: veggie pizza base: cauliflower and vegetarian cheese

Tomato sauce. Use a jar, cook from scratch or for clever ones I would suggest re-using our Marinara Tomato Sauce that we've just covered in our vegan lasagna post. Simple store in the your fridge until you need to use it for pasta dishes or, in our current case, pizza!

Quite naturally, as with other homemade pizzas you are now in full control to what is going to be your topping. I have made one with aubergines, peppers and tofu slices with more grated cheese on top!

I will recommend you lightly fry slices of aubergines and peppers so you have them almost cooked for your pizza.

Top tip: the dough will absorb a bit of tomato sauce so make sure it is not too much of it that you put on top of your dough and that it is not too watery. Otherwise your pizza will turn into a big mush when you try to cut it.

Bake your pizza with topping of your choice for 10 minutes to ensure the cheese has melted and you have a wonderful and healthy veggie pizza! Enjoy

If you are hosting  a party, consider buying a mixed case of vegan wine so to pair it to different taste preferences:

Vegetarian lasagna | Vegan lasagna: a recipe for success

We at Vegan Wine Club are not just about tiny details about unfiltered wines or vegan wine that is just so ethical for you. Vegan wine goes so well with a variety of vegan recipes. Just so we start with something super delicious and also popular, we would like to share our absolutely stunning recipe for vegan lasagna (vegetarian lasagna too).

4 quick steps to assemble and cook a wonderfully creamy vegan lasagna

1. Lasagna sheets (the best you can buy, wholewheat, gluten-free if you require etc) & Aubergine layers
2. Rich in Protein Tomato Sauce
3. Green Cheesy Sauce
4. Salty Cashew Cream

Let’s describe how to make each one of the steps and then simply outline how to assemble it and how long to bake for. This is going ti be an amazing vegan lasagna - promise! The images that we took here are from our own creation, it is probably not the very best of food photography, but there is also no special effects or re-touching involved - the real deal vegan lasagna!

Lasagna sheets and Aubergine layers

Whilst we do not teach you how to make lasagna (as ou normal pasta) sheets yourself, you can simply buy it. With the aubergine layers it is not that simple. You will need to cut aubergines to form 0.5 cm slices. Leave them to leave some water by covering them with some salt for 30 mins. Fry them in batches to have a good amount of aubergine slices to form 2 layers (1 if you do not like that much of aubergine as I do).

Rich in Protein Tomato Sauce

What makes it rich in protein - lentils, what makes it richer than usual - sweet potato, the rest is you normal tomato sauce with garlic and basil!

To make about over a liter of sauce you will need:
4 cans (400g each) of chopped tomatoes (organic of course, please please)
1 large sweet potato diced
150 g of red lentils (rinse it before use)
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
olive oil
300ml of water (maybe a bit more if it reduces to be too thick)

Simply fry your minced garlic with salt in olive oil, add basil, oregano, sweet potato and lentils for just a minute to absorb some of that fragrant oil flavours. Add water and simmer for 20 minutes, so your potato and lentils are soft. Add chopped tomatoes and simmer for additional 15 minutes to make it all soft and integrated.
This will make chunky sauce, if you like it very smooth - simply blitz it in the blender.

You are probably wondering what are we going to do instead of an indulgent creamy mozzarella and then parmesan? Do not worry - we have got 2 very creamy vegan sauces for you to prepare.

Salted Cashew Cream

You will need:

500 g raw cashews (preferably soaked in water for as long as you can think of - overnight will be grand, but even 1 hour will make a difference)
250 g water (do not add it if you have soaked your cashes in that amount of water)
1 tbsp yeast
1 tsp tamari or light soy sauce
1 tsp salt (more if you want it more salty)
1 tsp white wine vinegar

No more instructions rather than blitzing everything together to a very creamy consistency!

Green Cheesy Sauce

If you were using ricotta in your regular lasagna, this is going to blow your mind how creamy this sauce will taste like and there is no dairy products in sight!

You will need:
250 g cashews
200 g tofu (we are using 1 packet of organic silken tofu, but just think how creamy you would want it to be, you can go up to 400 g if you wanted; you can also opt for thicker types of tofu, will also add creaminess!)
2 handfuls of baby spinach
half a handful of fresh basil
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp salt
1tsp tamari or light soy sauce
2 tsp yeast
up to 100 ml cashew milk

Start with pulsing cashews with spice and herbs, when smooth simply add tofu and spinach to create a paste. If it is too solid, add some cashew milk so the consistency is thicker than double cream but not too solid.

Vegan Lasagna - assembled, baked and ready for dinner guests

Get all parts together for your vegan lasagna!

Now it is important to assemble this all together, layer by layer and then put an extra of the cheesy sauce on top, simply bake it in the oven for 20 minutes or more if you feel your topping needs more of crisping up! We needed to do 25 for quite crispy top as you could see on the pictures.

Some remarks (always try your dish when you are cooking it!):
- if your veggies were just a bit watery, reduce your sauce just bit longer, say, 25 mins instead of 15-20
- if your end product - vegan lasagna - is a bit watery, simply cook for an extra 5 minutes uncovered; you need to make sure your veggies are cooked through but your pasta sheets are quire al-dente; if it is not the case and your pasta is overcooked, it will all turn into a big mush… nobody wants that! Be brave and enjoy a delicious vegan lasagna from scratch!

P.S. We've felt so light and satisfied after a portion of this vegan lasagna. It is a lighter meal that will go down as a treat, no doubts about that!

Get this case of 6 vegan white wines, they offer wealth of flavour and are totally allergen free, gorgeous match for a vegan lasagna!

Vegan Wine Club: What is it all about? Why is wine not vegan?

Welcome to our specialist wine store that sells exclusively vegan wine cases.

Our customers sometimes wonder why is wine not vegan…
True fact, wine is made of grapes and mostly nothing else. Yet the issue is with its production process. Many winemakers, to achieve a clear and bright wine, are filtering what they have in their barrels prior to bottling. These filters are mostly made from animal derived materials, i.e. cow’s intestines or fish bones, and hence those wines are not strictly vegan.

The major point of vegan wine is its ethos - these wines are not relying on killing animals to produce a finished product.

Yet there are also a few very important considerations when vegan wine becomes one person’s necessity. The issue could be with the fact that some people are allergic to dairy or eggs, so if those products are used during fining or filtration, it actually creates a health threat. We’ve been asked many times how to ensure your wine doesn’t have any residual dairy or egg particles and the answer is simple - choose vegan wine!

We cannot also stay away from the whole world of vegan food, vegan recipes, vegetarian meals, so our blog is destined to collect and share some easy vegan recipes as well. We anticipate to collect our customer favourite recipes for vegetarian lasagna and veggie burger among other delicious vegan dishes. It is certain that vegan salad sounds like something very obvious, but what about a delicious vegetarian stew? Have you got a vegan recipe to share?

Vegan Wine Club does not cover just vegan London, we do ship anywhere in the mainland UK, so if you were not sure where even to start looking for your vegan wine, you have landed at the right place! You could have spent hours of your precious time checking whether a wine is vegan or not, this website save you loads of time as everything here is vegan and allergen free.

Naturally, we will also cover the most popular grape varieties used in vegan wine: Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha and will pin point a few bottles of vegan sparkling wine and also vegan Champagne. Stay with us, connect via email newsletter and let’s enjoy these delicious vegan wines!
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