Vegan Wine Case of 6 Various Allergen-Free Organic Wines


Discover our strict wine case of 6 vegan wines that are made with no allergens (milk, eggs, fish bones, cow's intestines). These natural wines are also free of added sulphites and certified organic.
This vegan wine case showcases a real triumph of organic and natural winemaking that is so delicious, expressive and pure, you'd want to tell all your friends about it!

The mixed vegan wine case includes the following 6 bottles:

Light and juicy Pinot Grigio Redentore. Classic Pinot Grigio that is healthier for you.  

La Biancara Masieri Garganega 2015, full of citrus, almonds and just so light and delicious. Award-winning wine, reviewed favourably by so many critics, versatile wine for a varied vegan and vegetarian diet.

Pierre Frick's delicious and native to Alsace - Chasselas 2015. Local grape, restrained flavour profile yet richness to it. Famous winemaker is at his best.

Le Roc 2014 from Fronton, South West France is that wine that needs introduction. It is made of highly perfumed Negrette blended in with Cabernet Sauvignon for richness. It is a smell sensation from the very start yet it is also very fresh and rustic. Great wine.

Barbera 'Titouan' by Castello di Tassarolo, Piedmont, Italy is you richer style, more mature organic Barbera that kept its freshness but gained some muscle power. Try it - it has a very nice kick to it! Some smoothness to, do not worry!

Communica 2012 from Montsant, Spain is Catalunya's superb natural wine. It is a rich blend that has been naturally produced and offers a lot of red and black fruit flavours and even more smoothness to the palate than the previous wine. Really worth a large glass with meaty dishes and richer vegetarian ones.

We hope you'll enjoy this delicious case of 6 vegan friendly and allergen free wines which are all no sulphites added as well.
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Organic wines suitable for vegans

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